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About Blush

How We Began

Felicia always have a creative personality. Planning trips, birthdays, school events, even weddings of friends. It isn't until her own wedding that spark the interest of building Blush. She began to realize how much joy putting fresh flowers and weddings together. Having attending workshops for fresh flowers and working an entire year with an established wedding planner company, Blush is capable of anything to make your day, be it your wedding day or a small bouquet to brighten someone's day, we aim to make it your best day.

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Meet Felicia Grace

Having passion to do your job is one of Felicia's main motto. Quit after being a teacher for 3 years, she found the love of building Blush when she realize she has always love flowers and weddings together. A cheerful and bright person she is, she is easily communicated with and known to form close relationship with her clients. Bringing fresh and unique perspective in a bouquet or in a wedding is what she wants best for her clients, and to meet the expectations she has set for herself.

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