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Jonas + Sharon

Both Jonas and Sharon are working in Singapore but their hearts remain in Malaysia in a small town of Ipoh.

As the bride grew up in her grandma's church, there is why she feels its more meaningful to have her wedding there instead.

They both know what they want in their deco, therefore when we discussed, everything was smooth.

Couple name
Walkway decoration
Entrance arch
Walkway decoration
Couple name
Chair pew floral decoration
Welcome board
Jonas Chung _ Sharon Yeoh (1188).jpg
Jonas Chung _ Sharon Yeoh (1119).jpg

As sweet as the colours can be, they aren't as sweet as the couple. 
"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine."- Song of Solomon 2:16


Venue: Ipoh Garden Baptist Church

Decoration: Blush Wedding

Photography: Fanz Photography

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