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Beautify Your Home with Flowers

Story blossomed by Liyana Salleh

Having flower arrangements as part of your décor is a tale as old as time and there’s great reasons for that. Having plants in your home instantly beautifies the space. They give off a positive vibe to your space that will help with your mood. Not only are they beautiful, plants and flowers are also great at purifying the air that we breathe.

There are many ways to decorate your home with amazing flower arrangements. The right arrangement will perfectly tie with your décor and complete your home’s overall look. Read on for some tips to decorate your home with flower arrangements.

Location of Your Flower Arrangements

There are no rules as to where you can place your flower decorations. In fact, you can put your flower decoration anywhere! The more the merrier as the saying goes. However, too much of anything will also lead to a mess.


In the kitchen, you can have flower arrangements that are bright and colourful to give out a warm and cheerful vibe. Kitchen is where most families make memories together when they cook and bake together. (Especially during lockdowns, everyone’s started making their own bread!). Flowers can turn a dark or dull kitchen brighter and give out a more inviting feel. Mix up your flower arrangements with vegetables such as broccoli or cherry tomatoes for that extra kick!

From: Lushome

Dining Room

The floral arrangements you should have in your dining room would depend on your dining table. If you have a round table, having one centerpiece would look great. If you have a long table, you can opt to have clusters of floral arrangements. Moreover, you can vary the sizes and height of the vases you use to create texture and avoid having it look too flat.

Living Room

In the heart of the house, tie in your floral arrangement to fit and flow with your décor. If you have a minimalist design in your living room, perhaps you would consider having a clear glass vase with baby’s breath. Sometimes less is most certainly more. If greeneries are what you prefer, you can get indoor plants instead. The type of indoor plants you should get would depend on the intensity of sunlight in your living room, the size of the plant you would like to have and if you are up for its maintenance. These three golden rules will guide you in picking the right plant for you.

Photo: Erika Carlock


Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is where you start and end your day. Use cool and calm colours in your floral arrangement. Flowers such as the purple lavenders not only fit the colour palette but also give off scents that are used in aromatherapy for calming purposes. You would benefit from it by having a deeper and peaceful sleep.

Types of Vessel Used

There are different types of vessels that you can use to put your flower arrangements in. Pick the right vessels to show off your floral arrangements.


The typical and first choice of vessels have to be vases. There are so many different types to choose from such as clear glass vases, plastic vases and ceramic vases. A dozen red roses would look breathtaking in a medium high glass at the center of your table. Talk about romance!

Mason Jars

One of the most popular DIY decorations has got to be mason jars - and for good reasons too! They are versatile and make any decorations look personal. Use your mason jars and fill it with coloured pebbles and water to put your floral arrangements in. Be creative and have fun!

Photo: Ariadne at Home


For that next level decoration design you are looking for, make a floral chandelier. There are 2 ways you can do this - one, you can have a hanging frame and arrange flowers to it. The other way you can have a floral chandelier is by arranging flowers to your light chandelier. It is a simple way to spruce up the chandelier you already have. This beautiful and creative decoration is a great focal point for when you are laying down and staring at the ceiling on your off days. (It is called relaxing).


Don’t throw away your old kitchenware or dishes just yet. Put a bunch of daisies in an old steel kettle or a mixture of roses, chrysanthemum and different foliage in an old bowl and you would instantly have cute cottage core décor. Time to record your Tik Tok or Instagram reels for an inspiration post.

Wooden Boxes

Wondering what to do with the wooden boxes from your wedding décor? Use it to place your vases to create individual spaces for them. Either have them hanging on your wall or arrange it in a corner, they would be great to create a rustic look.

Photo: Blush


Flowers in baskets are not only for adorable flower girls. Put your flower arrangements in baskets and place them where you fancy. It will create a cozy look to your space. Remember to put a flower sponge in it so that your flowers will last longer.

There you have it, some tips for you to get started on your flower arrangement to decorate your home. If arranging flowers is not one of your many talents or you would like a consistent look for your home, contact the good team at Blush. Blush covers Ipoh, KL and Penang. They also offer event management services for weddings under Blush Events. Therefore, they sure have a good understanding of a cohesive floral design look. Get in touch with them here.

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