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The Importance of Having Good Floral Decorations for Big and Small Weddings

Story blossomed by Liyana Salleh

The big day is approaching and everything must be perfect. After all, you only get married once! (That is the plan). After all the planning and securing the perfect venue, you must want the ceremony to also look great. Take a walk down the reasoning aisle to understand why you should have good floral decorations for your wedding.

1. "Complete the bridal look"

Here comes the blushing bride walking down the aisle all dressed in white. All eyes are on the bride, her dress, her hair, and her bouquet. You are looking divine and what’s best to complete your bridal look with beautiful flower arrangements around you. With every perfectly placed floral arrangement, there would be like a spotlight shining on the bride for all the major wedding events.

Floral arrangements can be expensive and if you have a tight budget, you can focus on having just wedding table centerpieces. Every table will have their own arrangement and these will create a warm, welcoming and festive feeling to your guests. You can also have a wedding arch at the end of the aisle for a focal point during the ceremony.

2. "Liven up the wedding theme"

After all the times spent and nightmares had about clashing wedding colour or theme, you have finally made your decision. Having flower decorations would also help to tie in your wedding theme together. Your flower decoration can make sure that all your colour themes flow well together.

If your wedding theme is sweet, blush tones, you can have different flowers such as baby’s breath, blush pink roses, cream peonies (if they are in season and within your budget) and some foliage to complete the look. If you are in Ipoh, who better to call for blush tones flower arrangements other than Blush Wedding and Bouquet. They are ready to help you to create your wedding bouquet and even your flower decoration for your wedding.

3. "Transforms the room"

Whether you are looking to have a big wedding or a small wedding, having flower decorations can do so much for your space. A big space may look sparse and empty without proper décor. That’s where your flower decorations can come in to fill in the gaps. You can have hanging flower installations for places with slightly higher ceilings and even tall and big wedding table centerpieces. Flower arrangement can make even the biggest room feel intimate and cozy.

For small weddings and smaller spaces, flower decoration adds just the right amount of life to make the memory larger than life. Your guests will all be transported all wedding town with the vibe that is created by your flower decoration. You may want to have a flower wall for a focal point at your wedding. These needn’t be condensed but can be sparse with individually hanging flowers or having vines. You can even perhaps have flowers in smaller vases grouped together as your wedding table centerpiece and perhaps some petals scattered on the table. How romantic!

4. "Extra floral points"

Everybody loves flowers. As if the joy of watching the union of two people in love is not enough, having flower decorations around would surely lift the mood of even the grumpiest person. Weddings evoke various different mixed feelings to people. There is the happiness of watching the person you love entering a different phase of their life, but there is also knowing that things may be a little different in this new phase of their life. Take for example, a mother letting go of her daughter.

Luckily, these guests can bring home some floral arrangements after the wedding is over to commemorate your day and the joy it brings and also to cheer themselves. Some people just enjoy flowers and would love to bring home some free flowers! Guests can decorate their home with it and even dry them after. Your wedding will surely earn extra floral points in their minds.

5. "Picture perfect"

Perfect dress, check. Perfect cake, check. Awesome photographer, check. But even the best photographer would need a little bit of help from their surroundings to get that picture perfect shot. This is where your flower decorations will come into play. Not only are they gorgeous, they will make your wedding photos look good too. They will evoke the feeling of celebrations and happiness in your photos.

Your photographer now has more materials to work with to get that memorable shot of your wedding. Guests will have their time filled with taking pictures either of your flower decorations, with them and even using them as their background. You know what they say, pictures or it didn’t happen. And you most certainly want the pictures of your wedding to look good.

And there you have it - 5 reasons why you should have good floral decorations for your wedding. If you are not sure where to start, contact the wonderful team of Blush events for a consultation. They will be more than happy to help you complete your big day.

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