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Having Your BEST Wedding in the New Normal

Story blossomed by Liyana Salleh

Almost every girl has planned their wedding since they were a little girl (and maybe some boys too!). However, with the pandemic going on and the ever changing standard operating procedures (SOP) and restrictions, it seems like you may never get married - let alone have your dream wedding! Do not yet despair as there is a silver lining to every situation. After all the challenges that you and your beau had to go through all the times you have been together, this is just another hurdle that you will get through. Read on to see how you can still have your best wedding in this new normal.

Confirm The Hygiene Exercise & That The Venue Is Properly Sanitized

When deciding on the venue, get ample information on how they handle the sanitization of their space. If you feel like the measures taken are not enough, either move on to a different venue or invest in getting the place sanitized professionally before your event.

This measure would extend to your caterers as well. Whether the caterers come with the venue or a different business altogether, be clear on how they are handling the situation. If a buffet style is allowed, will guests be doing it themselves or will a staff be placing food in guests’ plates? You may also require that staff are wearing gloves, face masks and face shields when handing out food for extra safety measures.

Communicate With Your Vendors

Communicate with the vendor to understand their postponement or cancellation policies in light of the pandemic. This way, both you and the vendors can manage your expectations in case of future restrictions.

With your venue, talk to your vendor about the amount of guests that you have and what are the best ways to ensure that social distancing will be adhered to. Whether it’s for arrivals, seating arrangements, dancing and picture taking, talk to them and come up with the best plans possible. Ask them about their sop and protocols during the ceremony to ensure everyone is safe and communicate this to your guests as well. This way, everyone is prepared and can manage their expectations.

Venue and Time Options

Consider having an outdoor wedding if you can. This provides for better air circulation to reduce the chances of spreading the virus during the wedding. If a fully outdoor wedding is not your pick, maybe opt for an indoor and outdoor wedding if your venue allows it. This will allow you and your guests to experience the best of both worlds - an air conditioned space in the hot and humid Malaysia and also the safety of not being in a confined space with people for a long period of time.

Another option you can consider is to have multiple time slots for your guests. Be clear on the different time slots and have your guests to confirm or RSVP to their preferred time. What can be observed during this time is that people are understanding and more than happy to comply with your wishes especially if it is in their best interest as well.

Get A Wedding Planner

Keep up to date with the wedding and gathering SOPs via the National Security Council’s (MKN) website here. With the ever changing SOP, it is difficult to keep up and to keep changing the plans to your wedding event. It is therefore a good idea to hire a planner such as the great team of Blush Events.

Even though more greatly known for their flower arrangements, the Blush Events team actually can help you with planning your wedding. From planning your wedding to actual day coordination, they can do it all. What’s even greater is that you know your decorations and floral arrangements will be very well taken care of! Whether it’s natural flowers or artificial flowers you are looking for, the Blush Events team will have it taken care of. The Blush Events team are based in Ipoh, KL and Penang.

Have A COVID Safe Kit & Stations

Another important addition to your wedding event in this new normal is to incorporate COVID safe kits. This kit can consist of a mask, hand sanitizer and maybe even gloves and be given to your guests. Other than that, you can also have hand sanitizers placed in various places at your venue.

Communicate clearly with your guests if you require them to wear a mask throughout the event (and it is highly advisable to have them do so). Create a MySejahtera code for your wedding event and get everyone attending your wedding to check in and have their temperature measured before entering the hall. This way, you can help to ensure the safety of not only yourself but also your guests.

Ultimately, remember that this is the day to celebrate the love between you and your partner and your sacred union. Make that the focus of your day and enjoy your celebration.

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