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Game of Thrones

Hi everyone!

In the hype of Game of Thrones last season, Season 8, we came up with a few bouquets that we think best represents some of the houses in them. Seeing how the intro scene of GoT has only 4 houses on the ring, we decided to work with the 4 houses that are House Targaryen, House Stark, House Lannister and House Baratheon. We also decided to include the White Walkers since they hyped them up throughout the seasons.

We were alright about the ending of Season 8. A closure but we would appreciate if there were more episodes given to stretch the timeline and more time to explain certain things that characters do. What are your thoughts?

House Targaryen

Red Ginger best represent Daenery's 3 dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. Because of how the shape of the flowers looks very much alike to dragon eggs, therefore we went with it and it fits perfectly with the sigil of the house. 3 dragon heads, therefore 3 Red Gingers.

The Calla Lilies represent the 5 loved ones that Daenerys lost, Drogo, Ser Jorah, Missendei, Viserion and Rhaegal. As what they say, what is gone may never die. Therefore the dark shade of it shows even though they are gone, but together they make the Targaryen bloodline strong as ever for Daenerys.

Fern Leaves are wild and it shows how much Daenerys went through from Season 1. From someone who is to be queen from the start, she went through the wilderness, crossing the seas to get to Westeros.

House Stark

4 White Roses as you guys figure it out, its the Stark children thats left, Jon, Sansa, Bran and Arya. Among the chaos around them, they are still as pure as their heart is, being together as last in the final season.

Veronicas represents their dire wolf, as in their house sigil. Surrounding the roses, being protective of their masters, they guard them from any harm.

As it is always snowing in the North, we chose Dusty Miller aka Silver Leaf. It surrounds them as though Winterfell protects them from what is ever coming for them, The Undead.

House Lannister

Obviously, the 3 Gerberas represent the 3 Lannister siblings, Jamie, Cersei and Tyrion.

With Spray Roses around them, showing how many people wanted them dead, disguising themselves as noble people, but with thorns beneath trying to get rid of the Lannisters, the 3 siblings are still standing as high as ever among the spray roses.

Golden Eucalyptus at the side showing the Golden Company who has helped Cersei by her side of her time of reign. Well, it didn't help much indeed, isn't it?

House Baratheon

Ours is the fury, Sunflowers represents the wrath of Robert Baratheon's rebellion. Seemed like a bright future for him but his reign was short.

Not many of the Baratheon bloodline survive, hence the yellow-orange chrysanthemum behind the sunflowers. They were not as important as the main characters but they needed to be there to fit the story.

Peacock fillers, wild and silently blooming behind is Gendry, Robert's unacknowledged bastard son. At last, thanks to Daenerys, he is well legitimated, carrying on the Baratheon bloodline.

White Walkers

Do you ever wonder how many white walkers are there? We don't know either, just like how many petals are in the hydrangea, uncountable like the white walkers.

Icy cold hearted is Night King, this bouquet with shades of white and light blue represents it. As they were all from the North, where Winter is always are.

Just like the chrysanthemum, they are the undead. Many of our beloved characters died in Season 8 Episode 3 and brought up as wights, making us so heartbroken to watch.

We hope you love the bouquets as much as we do. We also can't wait for the Prequel series of GoT. For what is dead may never die.

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