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How did Blush happen?

It started off with Wendy and I, in the office of my previously workplace. I was a wedding planner at the company and she was an intern. We hit it off real quick as we're both from the same church, not until we know each other and realise that later. So while we were arranging artificial flowers for the wedding for the weekend, took a bunch of it in our hands and thought to ourselves, why don't we arrange some fresh flowers instead?

I personally love fresh flowers, A LOT. I always look forward to receiving them but past relationships were a bore and only my husband gave me fresh wrapped bouquets on our special occasions, hence one of the reasons I'm married to him. My first intention of joining a wedding planner company was to deal with fresh flowers. You can't get rid of the inspiration you see everyday on Instagram through well known companies in Malaysia such as Moments and Wishing Tree. But sadly, previous company I worked in does not deal fresh flowers by hand as it is too fussy for them.

Fresh flowers do need more care and everything must be done nearer to date but I still love them none the less. So Wendy and I thought we should give it a shot to sell it on Mother's Day 2018, to see if this can run. When the time came, we were very glad to receive quite a number of orders just on our first try! So we were very keen on this and kept it going. Sadly, Wendy still have her studies to continue in KL and for her to continue in the business, would take up her time in her studies so she is no longer in Blush. But! Do check out her calligraphy at @itschubbigraphy on Instagram as her artworks are totally awesome.

So that was how Blush Bouquet started and Blush Wedding came after the end of last year. Now fully focusing on Blush as I'm no longer tied with any other wedding planner companies. I do appreciate all the supports from Blush and each one of your orders meant a lot to me. So thank you. Thank you for giving me a dream and to make that dream come true, that is Blush.

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