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Top Trending Flower Bouquets in 2020

Story blossomed by Liyana Salleh

For generations, gifting and receiving flower bouquets have been a sure gift to make someone happy. It has also become the go-to gift to send a message of love, hope, friendship, celebration, regret and consolation. There is a variety of flower bouquet styles to choose from that would be the perfect one for you, a loved one and even as your wedding bouquet. You can choose from classic styles or explore new and unique floral bouquets that have adorned 2020. 

Here are the top trending flower bouquets in 2020 that we absolutely love:

Crescent floral design

The crescent floral design is one of the unique designs that have been trending in 2020. It is shaped in an arch and shaped very much like a new moon. It is perfect for those wanting something different for their bouquet and the perfect gift that will stand out for that special someone. You can choose to have it fully made of flowers or a mixture of flowers and foliage to make the arch. It can be used in a variety of setting.



Some people are just not a flower kind of person and that’s okay! For these people in your life, a foliage-style or greenery bouquet would make a great choice. These bouquets are made of different types of foliage such as a mixture of seeded eucalyptus, dollar leaf, fern and maybe a hint of succulents, air plant or Eryngium to make it pop. Perfect for the unconventional brides as their wedding bouquets or that special lady or man for a subtle expression of love.


Big and wide bouquets

In this new pandemic era, a big wedding is out of the question (and not the safest thing to have). That doesn’t mean you can’t have a big wedding bouquet to celebrate your special day. More brides are opting to have big and wide bouquets to create a statement on their wedding day. There are no limits to the bouquet. Choose large flowers such as sunflowers or the increasingly popular Protea to add to your bouquet. Think you did something wrong or you just love someone immensely? Show how sorry you are or how much you love them by sending them a big bouquet.


Bleached Greenery

Those dreaming of a fairytale-like wedding or story should definitely go for bleached greenery styled bouquet. Greeneries added to the bouquet are bleached to get it to a washed down green or near white appearance. This, added to the flowers, will make for an ethereal and mystical look and feel. The growing popularity of pampas has helped to also popularize this bouquet style and its versatility to fit any vibe whether romantic, boho or chic earns it extra brownie points too.


Sustainable bouquets

For the eco-conscious Queens, a sustainable bouquet is definitely what makes their heart skips a beat. Dried flowers have been one of the most sought bouquets this year. Nothing says I love you forever better than dried and preserved flower that will never die. Other than that, the usage of paper flowers have also made a comeback and make the perfect sustainable bouquet and it is economical as well. In the spirit of supporting ‘lokal’, using homegrown flowers would definitely be a great touch for your sustainable bouquet. For example, if you are a bride from Ipoh, using flowers from Cameron Highlands would be a more sustainable choice as compared to using flowers from Holland. Just get in touch with Blush Wedding & Bouquet to get yours!


Minimalist Bouquets

Minimalistic living has made a huge wave in recent years. This has also translated into blooms bouquets. Do away with complicated designs, multiple colours and flowers. Strip back all the complications and ease your mind with simplicity. Minimalist bouquets are usually made up of one or two types of flowers and have a blush tint, white, light beige or champagne. They are aesthetically pleasing and are the perfect partner for the elegant bride.


Bright Coloured Bouquets

Not one for the faint-hearted, these bouquets incorporate brightly coloured elements to make a bold statement. Either having multiple colours or going for a monochromatic look, this bouquet will surely make you stand out. As a bridal bouquet, your bouquet would definitely add a nice contrast to your white wedding dress. It screams fun, unique and joyful in one bouquet.

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